1/20/2022 - 1/21/2022

Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel
Chicago, IL

About the Conference

Join TLA for this year's Boot Camp on Thursday, January 20, 2022

Perhaps one of the more vexing occurrences for the trucking lawyer is watching an innocuous, minor-impact accident transform into claims of significant injuries and heightened monetary damages.  Whether it is a bulging disc that somehow becomes a cervical fusion, or a traumatic brain injury that emerges from seemingly nowhere, these issues plague our industry.

This year’s Boot Camp will focus on how to successfully defend claims of heavy damages that seem to emerge from thin air. Our first panel will coach the new practitioner on how to anticipate a marginal claim turning south and head off a disastrous result. The second panel will address the economic side of plaintiffs building their cases.  From unreasonable medical bills/liens to inflated life care plans and future damages, this panel will dive into the weeds and come up with gold.  Our next panel will walk us through the presentation of expert witnesses and countering the junk science often used by plaintiffs in prosecuting claims of TBI.  Our day will end with a retired Judge of  the Supreme Court of New York, currently engaged as a mediator, guiding us through the most effective ways to resolve a nettlesome case.  Whether it is the 11th hour lien presented at mediation, asset funding issues or last-minute damages, this presentation will provide best practices for moving a case towards the finish line.

The 2022 Chicago Regional will take place on Friday, January 21, 2022

While we all did our best to grin and bear it by virtually attending the 2021 Chicago Regional Seminar while we were holed up in our homes and offices for fear of the pandemic, most of us realized we were missing something special.  Since then, we have all been looking forward to returning to our tradition of seeing each other for post-holiday cheer while braving the cold blowing from Lake Michigan.  Our 2022 Seminar will be a special trip to the Windy City, as we all came to realize what we always had, and perhaps taken for granted, when we were deprived of it last year. 

The joy of being reunited with our colleagues and friends and the nostalgia of enjoying both the official and personal gatherings will be eclipsed only by the content of the program.  Our program chairs, Justin Olsen and Bill Pentecost, have assembled an excellent faculty that will dive deeply into a wide array of topics.  Please join us at the Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel in Chicago, Illinois, just across the street from the Fairmont, where we had met the past several years.